MyHousing Landlord Portal

Enhance communications, decrease costs,
and boost landlord satisfaction and participation

Elite MyHousing Landlord Portal: Empowering Landlords, Streamlining Operations

The Elite MyHousing Landlord Portal is a secure, web-based platform designed to optimize communication, collaboration, and efficiency among landlords, public housing agencies, and other stakeholders. By leveraging the power of the internet and automation, we offer landlords direct access to their information, enabling them to manage their data independently. This not only boosts your agency’s efficiency but also heightens landlord satisfaction and increases landlord participation.

Benefits and Features

Efficient Communication

The Landlord Portal streamlines interactions, ensuring timely and clear communication among landlords, housing agencies, and other stakeholders. Landlords and property managers can submit queries, report issues, and receive responses directly through the portal, eliminating time-consuming email exchanges or phone calls. Other PHAs can access the portal to review information related to unabsorbed vouchers.


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