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Self-paced learning to further develop and maintain
your team’s service delivery using Emphasys Software.
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Our dynamic courseware empowers agencies to give staff personalized, relevant, and timely learning.

Employment trends make onboarding and training a challenge.


Turnover is rampant with Housing Authorities reporting 63% turnover in all staff roles over the last 4 years.


Existing staff are tasked with onboarding new employees, while covering their own duties, causing additional turnover.


By 2025, 75% of the workforce will have been raised on video games and technology.


Applicants applying for your open positions are 87% likely to not have ANY Housing Industry experience.

Best-in-Class Features


Empower your learners with the flexibility to complete coursework at their own pace, from any device – including smartphones. Emphasys University’s self-paced modules intelligently track progress, ensuring a seamless learning experience that picks up right where they left off.


Role Based

Optimize your team’s performance with role-based curriculums tailored to streamline onboarding and enhance staff proficiency. Through Emphasys University, learners will gain valuable insights into their industry, master the intricacies of their specific roles, and become well-versed in Elite’s best practices.

Reference Library

Effortlessly access and navigate an extensive collection of lessons and reference materials within Emphasys University’s comprehensive library. This invaluable resource simplifies cross-training, ensuring your staff can easily acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success in multiple roles.

Increased Productivity

Emphasys University’s social profiles encourage your staff to interact and collaborate with fellow Elite users, fostering a community where they can exchange valuable tips and tricks. With engaging gamification elements and competitive leaderboards, Emphasys University transforms learning into an enjoyable and motivating experience that drives productivity.

Customizable Courses

Emphasys University enables your EU Administrator to fully customize courses to align with your organization’s policies and procedures. They can easily obtain detailed performance and progress reports, as well as set deadlines to ensure a well-structured learning experience tailored to your team’s needs. Learners can download and print certificates showing completion courseware.

Looking for more features? Check out the Emphasys University feature sheet.

Microlearning and Gamification


Learning through bite-sized content pieces is 37% more effective than traditional classroom learning & more cost effective.


83% of employees who go through gamified training feel motivated to perform at higher levels, becoming more productive.


With social learning becoming mainstream, 60% of companies currently use social learning strategies.

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